‘Nature Notes’: April 2020

Like the March ‘Nature Notes’, this month’s instalment will be a brief one, although there has been an abundance of life in the Park.

The return of a migrant

Last month we featured sound clips of five birds that you can hear singing in the Park. These can all still be heard, but another voice has been added to the chorus, with the return of Chiffchaffs around the start of the month following their long and exhausting flight from the Mediterranean or north Africa. These days, some Chiffchaffs actually overwinter in Britain, but the summer population is significantly boosted by the arrival of migrant birds.


Abuzz with insects

Many different species of insects have also been spotted in the Park in April. Last month, we shared photographs of some of the early-season butterflies that you might see. This month, we turn our focus to other groups of insect. Among the species spotted were the Large Red Damselfly and a rather marvellous beetle known as the Hazel Leaf-roller. The latter gets its name because the larvae feed in leaves of Hazel that have been rolled up by the adult female. The particular beetle pictured was actually feeding on a leaf of one of the Park’s Hornbeams.

April insects
Large Red Damselfly (left) and Hazel Leaf-roller (right)