Tree Trail

The leaflet is available to download here,  printed copies are available from the Highfield Park Visitor Centre.

The Trail starts and finishes at Charters Health Club, car parking is free. 

The Trail is approximately 3.25km (2 miles) long and follows a circular route.   It identifies 40 different trees, each with a numbered way marker, the leaflet provides you with interesting facts about the various trees.

The Trail starts near the Highfield Park Centre taking you around the northern half of the park, through the newly planted Hither Wood and then to Winchfield Wood, which in late spring is covered in a carpet of bluebells. The walk carries on around the southern half eventually leading back to where you started. The park is particularly attractive in autumn, as the leaves are changing colour. Many of the largest trees on the northern side were planted in 1900 when Hill End Hospital was built. Around the Maze area, the trees and hedgerows pre-date Cell Barnes Hospital and reflect the former field boundaries of Beastneys Farm.