Easter Bunny Hunt

The ever popular Easter Bunny Hunt was one of the first events that the Highfield Park Trust ever ran and it has been a firm favourite ever since. We are hoping to run it this year on Wednesday 7 April 2021, as long as Coronavirus restrictions allow it.

Children are asked to follow a trail around a small area of the park in order to find a number of wonderfully painted animals, which in turn leads them to the location of the mysterious blue Easter Bunny. They will also be provided with a questionnaire, which each question relating to the hidden animals in the hunt. Each question relates to the specific animal on the trail and should be completed whilst at the location. It’s a great way to encourage young children to explore their local park and the great outdoors, although everybody attending this event seems to enjoy it!

Once completed, the questionaires are returned to the Trust volunteers at the Visitor Centre in order that a chocolate prize can be claimed. Children can also then enter the colouring competition which the Trust also includes as part of this event. Colouring sheets are provided and competed on the day of the event. The Park Manager judges all the entries and the winners in each each age group are awarded a much sought after large chocoltae Easter egg. This is a very popular Highfield Park event and we hope you can join us.