Historical Archive

Highfield Park Trust has amassed a considerable archive of material relating to Hill End and Cell Barnes Hospitals. With the support of the Heritage Fund and the University of Hertfordshire, the Trust has been able to index and catalogue this archive to ensure that it can be shared more easily with others. The physical archive is safely held at the Highfield Park Visitor Centre and electronic copies are held off-site.

To access the phyical archive, please make an appointment with the Park Manager. If you are unable to attend in person, please email the Trust with the details of the documents you require and we will forward them to you.

The index of the records we hold can be seen below and relate to the points on the History Trail.

Highfield Park Trust wish to thank everybody who has assisted us in the creation of this archive. Space prevents us from accrediting every individual or organisation in the abridged index below, but we are very grateful to everybody who has very kindly taken the time to share their artefacts and memories with us. Your details have been maintained in the full indexing system we have developed as well as the archive itself. We also thank the Heritage Foundation and the University of Hertfordshire for their support in enabling us to progress the project.

Key for Type

  • M&P – Maps & Plans.
  • Newspaper – Newspaper Article
  • Info – More general collection of information and photos

Point 1 – West Lodge

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
11/CBH/Bld/001West Lodge, Cell Barnes HospitalPhoto1998
21/CBH/Stf/001Nana & Ray outside West Lodge GatesPhotoNK
31/CBH/Stf/002Staff at Cell Barnes LaundryPhotoNK
41/CBH/MP/001Plan locating sites of wards at Cell Barnes HospitalM&P1995
51/CBH/MP/002Existing Services Plan of Cell Barnes HospitalM&P1993
61/CBH/001Two photos from the early 1900s looking towards Hil End Lane, showing footpath leading to Cell Barnes PondPhotos1990s

Point 2 – Cell Barnes Colony

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
12/CBH/SH/001Brief History of Cell Barnes HospitalInfo2015
22/CBH/MP/001Existing Services Plan of Cell Barnes HospitalM&P1993
32/CBH/Bld/001Old Bakehouse then Speech Therapy Unit at Cell BarnesPhoto1998
42/CBH/Bld/002East Lodge Cell Barnes at closurePhoto1998
52/CBH/Bld/003Base remains of Acland Social Centre Photo1998
62/CBH/Bld/004Cell Barnes HospitalPhoto1983
72/CBH/Bld/005Some wards at Cell Barnes HospitalPhoto1982
82/CBH/Bld/006Water tower at Cell Barnes HospitalPhoto1998
92/CBH/SH/002Shield for Cell Barnes HospitalPhotoNK
102/CBH/Bld/007Path to old female nurses house Cell Barnes HospitalPhoto1998
112/CBH/Bld/008Centre looking towards the O.P.D. Photo1998
122/CBH/OCC/001Patients at Cell Barnes Hospital 1988Photo1988
132/CBH/OCC/002Cell Barnes Colony, Entertainment, Sports Days and Garden PartiesInfoNK
142/CBH/SH/003Six Centuries from Nunnery to Hospital Publication1985
152/CBH/Bld/009For sale information relating to Cell Barnes HospitalPamphlet1988
162/CBH/Stf/001Booklet given to all employees detailing all aspects of the work at Cell Barnes HospitalBookletNK
172/CBH/SL/001Farewell Event at Cell Barnes HospitalProgramme1998
182/CBH/OCC/003Transcription of interview about voluntary work at Cell Barnes HospitalInterview2016
192/CBH/Stf/002Typed paper overview of Cell Barnes HospitalProfile1976
202/CBH/Stf/003Article about death of ex-employee at Cell Barnes Hospital John McNairNewspaper2006
212/CBH/Stf/004Helen Blackman application form for Cell Barnes Hospital 25.06.1969Form1969
222/CBH/Stf/005Cell Barnes Hospital Nurses Home Regulations 1934Regulations1934
232/CBH/OCC/004School Reports for 3 students – names redacted written by E.W. Wilson (Headteacher)ReportsNK
242/CBH/Bld/010Cell Barnes Buildings and Staff, various yearsPhotos
252/CBH/Stf/006George & Florence Wright’s retirement partyNewspaperNK
262/CBH/Stf/007Wright family and other Cell Barnes Hospital StaffPhotosNK
272/CBH/Stf/008Cell Barnes football teamPhotoNK
282/CBH/Stf/009Social Club gathering PhotosNK
292/CBH/Stf/010Social Club gatherings and staff outingsPhotoNK
302/CBH/Bld/011Review of Cell Barnes Hospital’s 50 years by Alice GoodwinNewspaper1987
312/CBH/Stf/011Photos of CB Staff attending Jo Ivory’s (nee Wright) weddingPhotos1966
322/CBH/MP/002Plan showing Cell Barnes (&HE) buildings to be retained after demolition of hospitalsM&P1995
332/CBH/Educ/001Account of former patient at Cell Barnes HospitalArticleNK
342/CBH/SL/002Scouts & Guides at Cell Barnes HospitalArticleNK
352/CBH/BLD/012Cell Barnes HospitalWebsiteNK
362/CBH/BLD/013Information about Cell Barnes Hospital Interview2016
372/CBH/SL/003Starlight ClubNewspaperNK
382/CBH/SH/004History of Cell Barnes Hospital WebsiteNK
392/CBH/SH/005History of Cell Barnes Hospital WebsiteNK
402/CBH/Bld/014Hertfordshire’s New Colony in St AlbansArticle1933
412/CBH/SH/006Info about Cell Barnes HospitalInfoNK
422/CBH/MP/003Map showing field layout of estate plus documents relating to valuation and rental of Great Cell Barnes 1871M&P1871
432/CBH/CLOS/001Letters & Articles about closure of Cell Barnes Hospital and Hydrotherapy PoolArticle1996
442/CBH/Stf/012Photo and caption prize giving to nurse at Cell Barnes HospitalArticle1939
452/CBH/CLOS/002Information about Educational & Employment provision after closure of Cell Barnes HospitalInterview2014
462/CBH/SL/004Report and photo of Annual Garden PartyNewspaperNK
472/CBH/CLO/003Vandalism at hospitalNewspaper1993
482/CBH/Stf/013Report of death of member of staff at Cell Barnes, also founder member of Cell Barnes Social ClubNewspaperNK
492/CBH/Bld/015Opening of Cell Barnes Hospital “The Citizen”Website1933
502/CBH/Stf/014Profile of Cell Barnes HospitalArticle1976
51 2/CBH/Bld/016 Profile of Cell Barnes Hospital Article 1976
51 2/CBH/Stf/015“Hospital pays back lost cash”NewspaperNK
522/CBH/CLO/004Article re Closure of Cell Barnes HospitalWebsiteNK
532/CBH/Bld/017Hertfordshire New Institution – opening of New Cell Barnes ColonyWebsiteNK
542/CBH/Stf/016Staff at Cell Barnes Hospital Various DatesPhotos
552/CBH/Stf/017Pill Packing Unit at former Cell Barnes Hospital Site ClosureNewspaperNK
562/CBH/Stf/018Photos of staff attending Cell Barnes Sports DayPhotosNK
572/CBH/Stf/019Article about death of Hilary LynchNewspaperNK
582/CBH/Bld/018Aerial photo of new housing estate on former Cell Barnes hopsital groundsPhoto2008

Point 3 – Cell Barnes Pond and House

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
13/CBH/Orch/001Aerial photo and information about Cell Barnes Hospital Orchard researched by Highfield Park Trust in 2015Info2015
23/CBH/SH/001History and photos of Cell Barns HouseArticle1905
33/CBH/SH/002“The Ground we trod” history of Great Cell BarnsArticle1998
43/CBH/MP/001Map showing location of Sell BarnsM&P1766
53/CBH/SH/003The History of Cell Barnes Hospital SiteArticle1983
63/CBH/SH/004Eight Centuries from Nunnery to HospitalPamphlet1983
73/CBH/SH/005Brief History of Cell Barnes PondArticleNK
83/CBH/SH/006Site History of Cell Barnes house & landInfo2015
93/CBH/SH/007Cell Barnes Pond & HouseInfoNK
103/CBH/MP/002Plan locating area around Cell Barnes Nurses HomeM&P1995

Point 4 – Cell Barnes Orchard

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
14/CBH/SH/001 Brief History of Cell Barnes Hospital – Information for History Trail that has been researched by the Highfield Park Trust Info2015

Point 5 – Winchfield Wood

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
15/CBH/MP/001Plan showing location of some Cell Barnes Hospital Buildings and ‘Jim’s Farm’M&P1993
25/CBH/MP/002Map showing location of Winchfield Wood, Little Barns & Great Cell BarnsM&P1873-1891
35/CBH/MP/003Map showing location of Winchfield Wood, Tyttenhanger and Hill End FarmM&PNK
45/CBH/BLD/001Showing new housing development on site of Cell Barnes HospitalPhoto1998
55/CBH/SH/001Information and photos about Winchfield WoodInfo and Photos2015
65/CBH/SH/002Dog posing on land leading to Winchfield WoodPhoto1990s
75/CBH/SH/003Showing Highfield Park Drive being constructed across Cell Barnes hospital former playing fields.Photos1995
85/CBH/Bld/002Cell Barnes HospitalPhotoNK
95/CBH/Bld/003Showing construction of new housing development on site of Cell Barnes HospitalPhoto1998
105/CBH/OCC/001Memories recorded about Celll Barnes Hospital by former patients and othersInterviewsNK

Point 6 – Home Farm

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
16/HEH/SH/001Email re Suggested location of ‘Farm Cottages’Email2018
26/HEH/SH/002Information and photos from Home Farm that has been researched by the Highfield Park Trust for the History TrailInfo2015
36/HEH/Bld/001Home Farm before demolitionPhotosNK
46/HEH/Bld/002Home Farm before demolitionPhotosNK
56/HEH/Bld/003Home Farm before demolitionPhotosNK
66/HEH/Bld/004Home Farm before demolitionPhotosNK
76/HEH/Bld/005Original route of Highfield Lane (Home Farm right background)PhotosNK
86/HEH/MP/001Location of (Home Farm) Highfield Lane CampusPlan1898
96/HEH/MP/002Showing location of Home Farm in relation to Cell Barnes & Hill End HospitalsPlanNK

Point 7 – Hixberry Lane

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
17/HEH/0CC/001History of formation of EarthworksInfoNK
27/HEH/SH/001Background history of Hixberry Lane, Earthworks & AllotmentsInfoNK
37/HEH/SH/002Origin of name of Hixberry LaneResearchNK
47/HEH/MP/001Map showing location of Hixberry Lane in relation to Hill End HospitalM&P1920
57/HEH/SH/003Highfield Lane Campus for Oaklands CollegeInfo2004
67/HEH/MP/002Showing new housing development with clear route of Hixberry LanePhotos2008
77/HEH/MP/003A map showing the old, agricultural field names with Highfield Lane, Hill End Lane and Hixberry Lane all indicatedM&P1873
87/HEH/SH/004A local St Albans History with references to Tyttenhanger GreenBooklet2005

Point 8 – Hill End Orchard

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
18/HEH/Orch/001Information Sheet plus maps showing change of route of Hill End Lane when Hill End Hospital was builtInfo2017
28/HEH/Orch/002Information, maps and photo of Hill End Orchard and Hill End LaneInfo2015
38/HEH/Orch/003List of road names in housing development on site of old orchards, indicating where names were taken from apple varietiesInfoNK
48/HEH/MP/001Plan showing acquisition of landM&P1963
58/HEH/MP/002Plan showing acquisition of landM&PNK

Point 9 – Hill End Station

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
19/HEH/RLY/001Photos and information about hospital railway and operatorsNewspaper Article1963
29/HEH/RLY/002150th Anniversary Programme Alban WayProgramme2015
39/HEH/RLY/003Site Record – Hill End HaltInfo2011
49/HEH/RLY/004Information about railway line serving Hill End HospitalInfo2011
59/HEH/RLY/005L.A. Forst recalls importance of Hill End Railway StationInfo2011
69/HEH/RLY/006Information, photos of Hill End Halt & Railway LineInfo2015
79/HEH/RLY/007Information about Hill End Station and other parts of the lineBook ExtractNK
89/HEH/RLY/008Mr William Housden, retired station master of Hill EndNewspaper1923
99/HEH/RLY/009Hill End Hospital ConsignmentsLMR DocVarious
109/HEH/RLY/010Marconi’s electrical engineering works located across the railway line from Hill End HaltPhotosNK
119/HEH/RLY/011British Banana Company Wagon label for Hill EndPhotoNK
129/HEH/RLY/012View of Hill End Halt looking towards HatfieldPhotoNK
139/HEH/RLY/013Hill End Halt looking towards Hatfield from footpath crossing to Marconi InstrumentsPhoto1958
149/HEH/RLY/014Hill End Halt entrance to H.E. Mental Hospital. Pumping Station for hospital visible in backgroundPhoto1956
159/HEH/RLY/015N7 Tank Engine (without freight) passing derelict Hill End HaltPhoto1959
169/HEH/RLY/016Engine with brake van at Hill End HaltPhoto1959
179/HEH/RLY/017Hill End Sidings – engine shuntingPhoto1969
189/HEH/RLY/018Hill End Halt – London Railtour TrainPhoto1961
199/HEH/RLY/019SLS Railtour train crossing Hill End LanePhoto1961
209/HEH/RLY/020N7 Tank Engine (with freight) at Hill End Lane level crossing (note crossing keepers hut on left)Photo1960
219/HEH/RLY/021Hill End Platform Halt SignPhotoNK
229/HEH/RLY/022L A Frost recalls the importance of Hill End Railway StationArticle2015
239/HEH/RLY/023Hill End Station and Railway – History Point 9Info
249/HEH/RLY/024Site of Railway Track across Hill End Lane into Hill End hospital after removal of linePhoto1969
259/HEH/RLY/025Hill End Halt 1968 after track lifted 1967Photo1968
269/HEH/RLY/026Showing railway siding to boiler house inside Hll End Hospital grounds (note: hospital received coal supply until 1964)Photo1920
27 9/HEH/RLY/027Railway telegraph post between Hill End halt and Smallford StationPhoto2009
28 9/HEH/RLY/028 Engines on railway track near Hill End HaltPhotos1959-1960
299/HEH/MP/001Location Plan showing Hill End station with siding into hospitalM&PNK
309/HEH/RLY/029William Francis Hatten, Hill End crossing gate keeper in doorway of keeper’s hutPhotoNK
319/HEH/RLY/030Group photo of William Hatten’s family (W. Hatten was Hill End crossing keeper)Photo1902
329/HEH/RLY/031Information about the Hatten family, with family photoArticleNK
339/HEH/MP/002Plan showing diversion of Hill End Lane plus proposed location of station platform and railway track route into Hertford County AsylumM&PNK

Point 10 – Hill End Garden of Rest

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
110/HEH/Bur/001Memories  of the graveyard article and letterNewspaper2007
210/HEH/Bur/002Facts plus map for noticeboard in Garden of RestInfoNK
310/HEH/Bur/003Advert for donations towards the Garden of Rest notice boardInfoNK
410/HEH/Bur/004Detailed information about Hill End Garden of RestInfoNK
510/HEH/Bur/005Selection of press cuttings about the Garden of RestNewspaperVarious
610/HEH/Bur/006Records from Hill End Burial RegisterList2013
710/HEH/Bur/007Layout of numbered metail markers in Garden of Rest at Hill EndM&P2008
810/HEH/Bur/008Details about Emily Evans (1846-1901) who is buried with gravestone in the Garden of Rest, Hill EndInfoNK
910//HEH/Bur/009The Cemetery at Hill End Hospital, St Albans, 20th Century. Indepth discussion plus photos. 8 pagesArticle2007
1010/HEH/Bur/010Investigation into lives of the Lomas brothers buried in H.E. Garden of RestJournal2009
1110/HEH/Bur/011Hill End Garden of Restinfo2015
1210/HEH/Bur/012Layout of burial markers in Garden of Rest in conjunction with footpaths and roadsPlanNK
1310/HEH/Bur/013Showing aspects of the Garden of Rest at Hill EndPhotosVarious
1410/HEH/Bur/014Hill End Garden of Rest overview plus colour photo of grave markersInfoNK
1510/HEH/Bur/015Gravestones and grave markers in Hill End Garden of RestInfoNK
1610/HEH/Bur/016Showing location of hospitals and surrounding lanes etc. plus location of Garden of RestPhotoNK
1710/HEH/SH/001“Change of route when Hill End hospital arrived” Information sheet plus maps and plansM&P2017
1810/HEH/MP/001Plan showing re-alignment of Hill End Lane plus conveyance documentM&P1894
1910/HEH/Rly/001Memories about railway siding into Hill End hospitalInfo2015
2010/HEH/Rly/002The Alban Way – part of the Lost Rails projectInfoNK
2110/HEH/Rly/003Railway line into Hill End hospital groundsPhotoNK
2210/HEH/Orch/001Site of Hill End Lane orchard in Hill End hospital showing Garden of Rest and railway sidingM&P1963
2310/HEH/MP/002Showing railway line route along north boundary of where Hill End hospital would be builtM&P1898
2410/HEH/MP/003Spine road alignment plan showing existing buildings on Hill End hospital siteM&P1993
2510/HEH/MP/004Showing Hill End Lane bend by Garden of RestM&PVarious
2610/HEH/Rly/004Showing railway gates at Hill End Lane, site of siding entrance into hospitalPhoto1969
2710/HEH/Rly/005Accident at Hill End Lane Halt 1928Info1928

Point 11 – The Chapel

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
111/HEH/Bld/001A photograph showing the Chapel at Hill End Hospital.Photo1995
211/HEH/Ch/001Showing interior of Chapel before conversionPhotosNK
311/HEH/Ch/002Information and photos about the ChapelInfo2015
411/HEH/Ch/003Chapel at time of demolition of Hill End HospitalPhoto1995
511/HEH/Ch/004Three day flower event at Chapel, Hill End hospitalNewspaper1972
611/HEH/Ch/005Florence Nightingale Commemoration Day Service of Combined Hospitals.  Held at H.E. hospital ChapelProgramme1957
711/HEH/Ch/006Chapel – converted for Trestle Arts Base – showing surrounding roadsPhotos2008
811/HEH/Ch/007“Hospital Chaplaincy”.  The HillenderArticleNK
911/HEH/Ch/008Hill End Asylum, front view showing Chapel on left of picturePhotoNK
1011/HEH/Ch/009Chapel at time of demolition of Hill End hospitalPhoto1995
1111/HEH/Ch/010Side of Chapel showing male and female entrancesPhotoNK
1211/HEH/SH/001Showing entrance drive at Hill End hospital.  Entrance block on left and Chapel on rightPhotoNK
1311/HEH/Ch/011The Chapel at Hill End HospitalInfo
1411/HEH/Ch/012Experiences at Hill End hospital: a play performed at Trestle Arts Base (Old Chapel)Review2009
1511/HEH/Ch/013Trestle’s  Medieval HistoryNewspaper2009
1611/HEH/Ch/014Interior of Chapel before conversion to Trestle Arts BasePhotos1998
1711/HEH/Ch/015Chapel during demolition of Hill End hospitalPhoto1995
1811/HEH/Ch/016Chapel duirng demolition of Hil End hospitalPhoto1995
1911/HEH/Ch/017Order of Service for the unveiling of Panels at Hill End Hopsital Chapel to commemorate the combined services of the staff of Hill End and St Bartholomew hospitals during the War yearsInfo1951

Point 12 – Hill End Administration Block

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
112/HEH/Bld/001A photo showing the administration block.Photo1995
212/HEH/Bld/002A photograph showing the Front entrance block.Photo1995
312/HEH/Bld/003The administration building is on the left and the top of chapel is seen in the far right.PhotoNK
412/HEH/Bld/004An exerpt from an article from Nora T Daly (a social worker) about the rooms inside the main entrance and very dark photograph inside the entrance looking towards the main doors.Info & Photo1982
512/HEH/Bld/005A photo of the main entrance and clock tower.PhotoNK
612/HEH/Bld/005A photo of the administration block from the side.PhotoNK
712/HEH/Bld/006A photo showing the administration block on the right hand side.Photo1990s
812/HEH/Bld/007A photo showing the administration block at Hill End.Photo1990s
912/HEH/Bld/008Photos of different buildings across the Hill End site including the administration block.PhotoNK
1012/HEH/Clos/001A photo of the administration block around the time of demolition.Photo1990s
1112/HEH/Clos/002A photo of the administration block around the time of demolition.Photo1990s
1212/HEH/Clos/003A photo of the administration block around the time of demolition.Photo1990s
1312/HEH/Clos/004A photo of the administration block around the time of demolition.Photo1990s
1412/HEH/Clos/005A photo of the administration block around the time of demolition with Anson/St Albans wards in backgroundPhoto1990s
1512/HEH/Clos/006A photo of the administration block around the time of demolition with Anson/St Albans wards in backgroundPhoto1990s
1612/HEH/Clos/007A photo of the administration block around the time of demolition with Chapel in background.Photo1990s
1712/HEH/Clos/008A photo of the rear of the administration block around the time of demolition.Photo1990s
1812/HEH/SH/001Hill End Hospital Administrative entrance blockPhotoNK

Point 13 – Hill End Hospital

RefItems No.SubjectTypeDate
113/HEH/Bld/001.001Hill End water tower in the grounds of the hospital.Document1951
213/HEH/Bld/001.002Hill End water tower in the grounds of the hospital. Hill End Laundry buildings in foregroundPhoto 1951
313/HEH/Bld/001.003Hill End water tower in the grounds of the hospital. Photo 1951
413/HEH/Bld/001.004Inside Hill End water tower in the grounds of the hospital. Mr E Hart, Marconi Head of Publicity, climbing stairs Photo 1951
513/HEH/Bld/001.005Inside Hill End water tower in the grounds of the hospital. Ron Hart, unknown man on radio, Rod Hawkes in flat cap worked in the Laundry at H.E. Photo 1951
613/HEH/Bld/001.006Unknown man on radio, Marconi buioldings in background Photo 1951
713/HEH/Bld/001.007Hill End water tower in the grounds of the hospital. Ron Hart and Rod Hawkes on top of tower. Photo 1951
813/HEH/Bld/002List of the ward names and buildings in Hill End Hospital to accompany plan.Document1993
913/HEH/Bld/003A photograph showing the front entrance to the hospital also Everest/Edison wards and Fleming/Frobisher wards. Photo 1995
1013/HEH/Bld/004A photograph looking towards Cell Barnes Hospital taken from top of the Water Tower in Hill End Lane. Photo 1995
1113/HEH/Bld/005A photograph showing the square water tower accompanied by the building containing the laundry, office, mortuary and Chapel of Rest. Photo 1993
1213/HEH/Bld/006A photograph taken from top of the Water Tower showing the School of Nursing building. Photo 1995
1313/HEH/Bld/007A photograph showing the School of Nursing as well as the Atlantic House and the main stores in the background. Photo 1995
1413/HEH/Bld/008A photograph showing the Chapel at Hill End Hospital. Photo 1995
1513/HEH/Bld/009A photograph taken from the square water tower showing from the Work Yard to the Water Tower. Laundry can be seen in the forground. Photo 1995
1613/HEH/Bld/010A photograph showing the long corridor by the side of the Art Department, Huxley/Howard, Grafton/Graham, Florey/Faraday, Darwin & Best and Esmond Wards. Photo 1995
1713/HEH/Bld/011A photograph taken from top of the Water Tower showing the Fleming & Frobisher wards with the Martinlea Day Centre in the background. Photo 1995
1813/HEH/Bld/012A photograph taken from top of the Water Tower showing the St Alban & Anson and Cairns & Drake wards. Photo 1995
1913/HEH/Bld/013A photo showing the building for the School of Nursing. Photo 1995
2013/HEH/Bld/014A photo showing the Anson and St Albans wards. Photo 1995
2113/HEH/Bld/015A photo of ‘new’ boiler house during its demolition. Photo 1995
2213/HEH/Bld/017A photo showing the entrance to Hill End Hospital with the Lodge on the right. Photo 1990s
2313/HEH/Bld/018A photograph showing the Water Tower on Hill End Lane. Photo 1990s
2413/HEH/Bld/019A photograph looking down Main Drive from Lodge showing the Water Tower, Engineers Department, Building Stores and the Fleming & Frobisher wards. Photo 1990s
2513/HEH/Bld/021A photograph showing the entrance to Hill End hospital. Photo 1990s
2613/HEH/Bld/022A photograph showing the home of the Medical Superintendent. Photo 1990s
2713/HEH/Bld/023A photo of the St Albans and Anson wards. Photo 1995
2813/HEH/Bld/024A photo of ‘new’ boiler house during its demolition. Photo 1995
2913/HEH/Bld/025A photograph showing the green painted shelters for patients. Photo NK
3013/HEH/Bld/026A photo of buildings at Hill End taken from high up showing Echelon design of buildings. Photo NK
3113/HEH/Bld/028Entrance to Hill End hospital with Lodge on right, Keeling House centre & Hillside on left. Photo NK
3213/HEH/Bld/029Three young boys in front of the house of the Medical Superintendent. Frobisher and Fleming wards in the far back. Photo NK
3313/HEH/Bld/030Entrance to Hill End hospital during demolition. Photo 1995?
Entrance to Hill End. Martinlea behind Lodge.
Photo NK
3513/HEH/Bld/032Keeling House previously called The Annexe & previously the home of the Medical Superintendent. Photo NK
3613/HEH/Bld/033Home of the Medical Superintendent, later called The Annexe then Keeling House. Photo 1990S
3713/HEH/Bld/034Fleming and Frobisher wards with Martinlea (formerly Littlefields) in the background. Photo 1995.
3813/HEH/Bld/035Demolition of Keeling House. Photo 1995
3913/HEH/Bld/036Photo of Hillside. Photo DK
4013/HEH/Bld/037Entrance to Hill End hospital with the home of the Medical Superintendent on the left and Fleming/Frobisher wards in background. Photo pre WW1
4113/HEH/Bld/039A photo showing Jenner Ward and Adolescent Department taken from the top of the water tower.. Photo 1995
4213/HEH/Bld/040A photograph showing Grafton and Graham wards taken from the top of the water tower. Photo 1995
4313/HEH/Bld/041 An aerial photograph of Hill End and Cell Barnes Hospitals with the surrounding area. Photo NK
4413/HEH/Bld/042A photograph showing the Lodge at entrance to Hill End hospital.. Photo NK
4513/HEH/Bld/043A photograph showing Hillside the Officer’s Residence. Photo NK
4613/HEH/Bld/044A photograph showing the Hill End Hospital Drive. Photo NK
4713/HEH/Bld/045Article about the demolition of the water tower at Hill End with a photograph attached.Newspape1996
4813/HEH/Bld/046An aerial photograph showing Hill End Hospital from the North West.PhotoNK
4913/HEH/Bld/047Three aerial photographs showing Hill End Hospital plus sketch plan of hospital layout.PhotoNK
5013/HEH/Bld/048An aerial photograph showing Hill End Hospital from the North East.PhotoNK
5113/HEH/Bld/049.001A table labelling the following photos of different buildings at Hill End.DocumentNK
5213/HEH/Bld/049.003A photo taken from the front of main entrance showing old Chapel.PhotoNK
5313/HEH/Bld/049.004A photo of a sign showing the nearby units, taken opposite main entrance.PhotoNK
5413/HEH/Bld/049.005A photo of the laundry building with the water storage tower and porters hut on the right.PhotoNK
5513/HEH/Bld/049.006A photo showing the water tower with the boilers underneath.PhotoNK
5613/HEH/Bld/049.007A photo showing the railway line within the hospital grounds set in cobbles.PhotoNK
57 13/HEH/Bld/049.008A photo showing the end of the porters hut looking towards corridor and Faraday/Florey WardsPhotoNK
58 13/HEH/Bld/049.009A photo of staff accomodation. Named ‘Reid Home’ after Vic Reid.PhotoNK
59 13/HEH/Bld/049.0010A photo of the water tower on Hill End.PhotoNK
A photo showing the school of nursing.PhotoNK
61 13/HEH/Bld/049.012 A photo showing the glass corridor which leads to Howard & Huxley wards.PhotoNK
62 13/HEH/Bld/049.013 A photo of the water tower on Hill End.PhotoNK
63 13/HEH/Bld/049.014 A photo of the old orchard.PhotoNK
64 13/HEH/Bld/049.015 A photo showing the Alexandra ward and the Anderson ward.PhotoNK
65 13/HEH/Bld/049.016 A photo of showing the OT department. Physiotherapy department and side of Anderson/Alexandra wards.PhotoNK
66 13/HEH/Bld/049.017 A photo of an unidentified ward at Hill End.PhotoNK
67 13/HEH/Bld/049.018 A photo showing new boilers at the back of the hospital.PhotoNK
68 13/HEH/Bld/049.019 A photo of a sign directing to the visitors car park, physiotherapy, Anderson and Alexandra wards.PhotoNK
6913/HEH/Bld/049.020A photo of Anson, St Albans and Drake wards.PhotoNK
7013/HEH/Bld/049.021A photo of Anson, St Albans and Drake wards.PhotoNK
7113/HEH/Bld/049.022A photo of Martinlea – formerly Littlefields.PhotoNK
7213/HEH/Bld/049.023A photo showing the original house of the Medical Superintendent., later called Keeling HousePhotoNK
7313/HEH/Bld/049.025A photo showing the shelters used by patients if they were allowed out.PhotoNK
7413/HEH/Bld/049.026A photo showing the back of the Grafton ward.PhotoNK
7513/HEH/Bld/049.027A photo showing the old orchard.PhotoNK
7613/HEH/Bld/049.028A photo of the back of Anson and St Albans wards. Now the HPT Commemorative garden.PhotoNK
7713/HEH/Bld/049.029A photo of the back of Anson and St Albans wards. Now the HPT Commemorative garden.PhotoNK
7813/HEH/Bld/049.030A photo of the back of Anson and St Albans wards. Now the HPT Commemorative garden.PhotoNK
7913/HEH/Bld/049.031A photo of the Garden of Rest.PhotoNK
8013/HEH/Bld/049.032A photo of the Cell Barnes pond.PhotoNK
8113/HEH/Bld/049.033A photo of Wynchfield Wood.PhotoNK
8213/HEH/Bld/049.034A photo of the orchard.PhotoNK
8313/HEH/Bld/051A photo showing the square water tower in middle distance, with workshops & Fleming/Frobisher wards to the right.Photo1990’s
8413/HEH/Bld/052A photo showing Anson/St Albans & Carirns/Drake wardPhoto1990’s
8513/HEH/Bld/054A photo showing unidentified wards at Hill EndPhoto1990’s
8613/HEH/Bld/055A photo of showing the OT department. Physiotherapy department and side of Anderson/Alexandra wards.Photo1990’s
8713/HEH/Bld/056A list showing the naming of wards at Hill End from 1958-1959DocumentNK
8813/HEH/Bld/057A range of photos showing the corridors in the hospital also exterior of the long glass corridor.PhotoNK
8913/HEH/Bld/059An aerial photo showing the site at Hill End and its surrounding area.Photo1956
9013/HEH/Bld/060A photo showing the FK nurse’s home.PhotoNK
9113/HEH/Bld/061.001Photo taken on Hill End field with the buildings of Cell Barnes hospital in the background.Photo1991
9213/HEH/Bld/061.002Photo taken on Hill End field looking towards TyttenhangerPhoto1991
9313/HEH/Bld/062A collection of photos showing the interior of the Main Hall.Photo1990’s
9413/HEH/Bld/063A collection of aerial photos showing the Hill End hospital site.Photo2001(?) & 2008
9513/HEH/Ch/001A photo showing the chapel at Hill End around the time of demolition of Hill EndPhotoNK
9613/HEH/Ch/002A photo showing the back of the chapel at Hill End around the time of demolition of Hill EndPhotoNK
9713/HEH/Ch/003A photo showing the Chapel fenced off around the time of demolitionPhotoNK
9813/HEH/Ch/004A Hospital Chapel Register of Services at Hill End from 1961-1965.Document1961-1965.
9913/HEH/Ch/005A photo showing the chapel at Hill End.PhotoNK
10013/HEH/Clos/001Report about the closure of Hill End hospital.DocumentNK
10113/HEH/Clos/002Keeping the public up to date with the developments of the hospital closure.Newsletter1994
10213/HEH/Clos/003A brochure selling the freehold estate of Hill End and Cell Barnes. Including a location plan, site plan, phasing plan and general information about the estate.BrochureNK
10313/HEH/Clos/004A brochure selling the freehold estate of Highfield Hall. Including a map of the area, map of Highfield estate development, ground floor and first floor plans.BrochureNK
10413/HEH/Clos/005A brochure selling the freehold estates of both hospitals with information about site history.Brochure1988
10513/HEH/Clos/008A photo of an unidentified building during the time of demolition.Photo 1990s
10613/HEH/Clos/009A photo of Anson/St Albans wards being partly demolished ready for rebuilding in final form.Photo1990s
10713/HEH/Clos/014A photo at Hill End during demolition.Photo1990s
10813/HEH/Clos/017An article about the closing of Hill End explaining its history including photos of staff and the pumping room. Newspape1995
10913/HEH/Clos/018A newsletter about the closure of Hill End including anecdotes from several members of staff about working in the hospital. NewsletterNK
11013/HEH/Clos/019An article giving a brief history of Hill End and announcing exhibitions that will take place before the closing of the hospital.Newspaper1995
11113/HEH/Clos/020A photo showing the construction of Highfield Park Drive.Photo 1990s
11213/HEH/Clos/021A photo showing the construction of Highfield Park Drive.Photo 1990s
11313/HEH/Clos/022A photo showing the original alignement of Highfield Lane with Home Farm on right. Photo 1990s
11413/HEH/Clos/023Entrance Lodge and entrance roads at time of Hill End Hospital closurePhotos 1990s
11513/HEH/Clos/024Top – St Albans/Anson Male Wards – building not totally demolished . Bottom – Doctor’s MOQ house and Alexandra/ Anderson female wards – buldings not totally demolishedPhotosNK
11613/HEH/Educ/001A brochure about Hill End, its training facilities, the career prospects and the curriculum. Includes a floor plan and pictures.BrochureNK
11713/HEH/MP/001Hill End hospital layout mapM&P2012
11813/HEH/MP/002Plan of Hill End hospital showing the locations of green painted shelters. M&P 1950
11913/HEH/MP/003A floor plan of Hill End as it was built showing the planned patient’s numbers per block with a separate plan for the layout of the administration block. M&P 1981
12013/HEH/MP/005Architects plan for the buildings and sites across part of Hill End hopsital. M&P 1937
12113/HEH/MP/006A simplified floor plan showing the buildings and wards at Hill End Hospital. M&P NK
12213/HEH/MP/007A plan of part of Hill End showing the buildings, marked in yellow, to be demolished. With the seal of the St Albans’ district signed by the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer. M&P 1995
12313/HEH/MP/008A plan of the wards and sites at Hill End. Brief notes about several wards. M&P 1993
12413/HEH/MP/009A plan showing Hill End and Cell Barnes. Spine Road alignment. M&P 1993
12513/HEH/MP/011A topographical map of part of ‘Hartford-shire’. M&P 1766
12613/HEH/MP/012A map showing part of the country of Hertford. M&P 1820 & 1821
12713/HEH/MP/013Map of the general area of Highfield and Cell Barnes. M&P 1873- 1891
12813/HEH/MP/014Saxton’s map of Hertfordshire in 1577. Drury & Andrews map 1766 M&P 1577 & 1766
12913/HEH/MP/015Plan indicating site of water tower and pumping station at Hill End Hospital M&P 1993
13013/HEH/MP/016Detail from O.S. map showing Hill End hospital M&P 1924
13113/HEH/Occ/001This page shows an interview with Diana Devereux and includes her experience visiting a relative at Hill End.WebsiteNK
13213/HEH/Occ/002This document is an account by a patient about his experiences at Hill End.Document2009
13313/HEH/SH/001A document about the site history of St Barts Close & Wayside. Document NK
13413/HEH/SH/002A document about the history of the various wards and central stores on Stamore Close. Document NK
13513/HEH/SH/003A document about the history of the Martinlea on Edison Close. Document NK
13613/HEH/SH/004A document about the history of the laundry and porters office in Grafton Close. Document NK
13713/HEH/SH/005A document about the history of the various wards on Manston Way. Document NK
13813/HEH/SH/006Brief notes for a history walk taken on 7th May 2017 about the different buildings that existed on the Hill End Hospital site. Document Various
13913/HEH/SH/007A recount about what Hill End and the area used to be like from someone who used to work there. Document NK
14013/HEH/SH/008An appendix detailing the first few years of the hospital’s history. Document NK
14113/HEH/SH/009An aerial photograph of Hill End and Ashley Road with the caption explaining the naming of Brick Knoll Park. Photo1955
14213/HEH/SH/010An aerial photograph showing the area of Hill End and Cell Barnes.Photo2008
14313/HEH/SH/011Martin Booty writes about the site history of Hill End. Part One 1900- 1940. Newsletter NK
14413/HEH/SH/011Martin Booty (Chairman) writes about the site history of Hill End. Part Two 1940- 1955.NewsletterNK
14513/HEH/SH/012Brief history of the Hill End Hospital written by Martin Booty with an aerial photograph of the site attached.DocumentNK
14613/HEH/SH/013The creation of Hill End and its development. From 1894 to 1929.Book ExtractNK
14713/HEH/SH/013Colour and B/w photos and text about the main entrance at Hill End AsylumBook ExtractNK
14813/HEH/SH/014A breif recollection of Hill End, Cell Barnes, Highfield and the Camp.DocumentNK
14913/HEH/SH/015A document about G.T Hine and C.H Howell who were key figures in specialist asylum architecture.Document2013
15013/HEH/SH/016An email showing the memory of a tunnel in the surrounding area of Hill End.DocumentNK
15113/HEH/SH/017A brief history of Hill End Hospital.Info2015
15213/HEH/SH/018This page gives the history of Hill End Hospital. Website1899 – 1995
15313/HEH/SH/019An email showing the use of High Wick on the estate of Highfield Hall.Document 1939 – 1945
15413/HEH/SH/020Information giving the brief history of Hill End and includes its present day status.Website2012
15513/HEH/SH/021A document showing a directory of pubs, historical houses, hotels, etc. in Hertfordshire. Specifically, Wellington, 26 Market Place.DocuementNK
15613/HEH/SH/022This page looks at the project sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund about Hill End Hospital.Website2012
15713/HEH/SH/023This pages gives a brief history about Hill End Hospital; starting from its early history in 1900 to its demolition.Website2011
15813/HEH/SH/024A brief site history about Hill End Hospital by Martin Booty.Document
15913/HEH/SH/025A brief history about Hill End Hospital.Document1995
16013/HEH/SH/026An article about the completion of the new Hill End Hospital. Newspaper Article1900
16113/HEH/SH/027An article about further spending on maintainence at Hill End. Newspaper 1902
16213/HEH/SH/028A document showing a range of newspaper articles about Hill End. Document1900+
16313/HEH/SH/029Hill End HospitalPhoto

16413/HEH/SH/30Hill End HospitalPhotoNK
16513/HEH/SH/031Hill End HospitalPhoto1956
16613/HEH/SH/032Hill End Hospital ShopPhotoNK
16713/HEH/SH/034Joseph Fenwick Owen Brickworks plus colour photo of ChapelArticle2010
16813/HEH/SL/002“Yesterday Once More – Children’s Party” Photo showing group of children attending annual Hill End staff children’s Christmas Party.Article1950s.
16913/HEH/SL/003An employee’s grandchild remembering the yearly Christmas parties.Document2012.
17013/HEH/SL/004Documents showing staff dances at the hospital during the Christmas period.DocumentVarious
17113/HEH/SL/005 The document shows images of the different entertainment the patients received. Document Various
17213/HEH/SL/006An open appeal from the Recreation Officer for recreational funding.Article1978.
17313/HEH/SL/007Highlights from the collection at HALS about patients’ clothing, staff and filming.Document2010.
17413/HEH/SL/008A photograph showing cricket at Hill End Hospital.PhotoNK
17513/HEH/SL/010A photo of a painting by G.H Wilkins of a fair at Hill End. Photo1975
17613/HEH/SL/011A photo of a tuck shop where patients could buy sweets.PhotoNK
17713/HEH/SL/012This page shows two postcards produced by Alpha of St Albans showing Hill End Hospital and the railway tracks.Website1904 & 1906
17813/HEH/SL/013Cricket at Hill End on field, now Village GreenPhotoNK
17913/HEH/SL/014Various social gatherings – Music Hall – Social ClubPhotoNK
18013/HEH/StF/001Article from Nora T Daly (a social worker) about her experience working at Hill End.Article1946+
18113/HEH/StF/002A photograph showing a group of nurses from Hill End Hospital.Photo1904
18213/HEH/StF/003A photo showing staff at Hill End hanging out the washing.PhotoNK
18313/HEH/StF/007“Remembering Hill End Hopsital . The experience of a family who lived and worked at Hill End.WebsiteNK
18413/HEH/StF/008This page gives a brief look at the experiences of Hill End.Websiter1997
18513/HEH/StF/009A profile on John Power who worked as a nurse at Hill End for many years.Article1958+
18613/HEH/StF/012A document showing a range of quotes from staff about the hospital and experiences of working in it.DocumentNK
18713/HEH/StF/015This page looks at the memories of Mr Penny who worked as a postman/ pharmacy technician at Hill End. Website 1970s-1980s.
18813/HEH/StF/019An article about the summer volunteer work by a group of students at Hill End.ArticleNK
18913/HEH/StF/020The front page of a newspaper showing a strike at Hill End by staff.Article1988.
19013/HEH/StF/020An article about a strike by Hill End staff due to the suspension of two union officials.Article1988.
19113/HEH/StF/021An article about a strike by Hill End staff due to the suspension of two union officials.Article1988.
19213/HEH/StF/022An article about the end of the strike by Hill End staff due to the suspension of two union officials.Article1988.
19313/HEH/StF/023A document explaining the insignia badge for the student nurses at Hill End.Document1950s – 1960s.
19413/HEH/StF/024Cheque payable to F.W Jillings.Cheque1937.
19513/HEH/StF/026Some Staff who worked at Hill End HospitalPhotoNK
19613/HEH/StF/027Laundry Staff – Gwen Walker and Mrs WrightPhotoNK
19713/HEH/StF/028Info about Hill End laundry manager and cartoon of new kitchen developmentArticleNK
19813/HEH/StF/029Working history of mental nurse, John PowerProfileNK
19913/HEH/Ther/001A photograph showing patients doing small tasks.PhotoNK
20013/HEH/Ther/002An article about a visit to Hill End and the success of the organisation, facilities and treatments.Article1935.
20113/HEH/Ther/003A newsletter praising the work done at Hill End Hospital.ArticleNK
20213/HEH/War/001Information about the pioneers of plastic surgery after WW1 in New Zealand. Contains various photographs of procedures and patients.Article2008.
20313/HEH/War/002A painting of surgeons at work.Painting2008.
20413/HEH/War/003 History of H.E. Hospital 1899-1995 Article
20513/HEH/War/004 Treatment of Servicemen at Hill End Article
20613/HEH/War/005 Photos of Napsbury Hospital – Soldiers, Nurses etc. Photo
20713/HEH/War/006 Poems, sketches and jokes on life in a converted mental Asylum after the War (not Hill End)Info
20813/HEH/War/007 Soldiers from HEH Staff address of accommodation Article
20913/HEH/War/008HEH Staff who served in WW1 – AddressesCensus 1923/1927
21013/HEH/War/009HEH Staff who served in WW1 – AddressesCensus1928/1930
21113/HEH/War/010St Albans in the First World War, plus information of St Albans Museum DisplPamphletayPamphletNK
21213/HEH/War/011Info from ledger at HALSInfo1915
21313/HEH/War/012UK & Ireland Nursing Register – Re George Frederick BuggsInfoVarious
21413/HEH/War/013Information about Louis Vasco plus sketchesInfoNK
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21613/HEH/War/015Cover of Order of Service for Unveiling of Panels at Hill End Hospital ChapelInfoNK
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21813/HEH/War/017Information about rail spur into hospital during WW2 Info
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22013/HEH/War/019Highfield Park History Trail – WW2 Bart’s notesInfo
22113/HEH/War/020Information about Hill End Plastic Unit – Wards FG1 and FG2Info
22213/HEH/War/021Selection of photos of evacuation of patients at outbreak of War 1939. St Bartholomew’s, London to Hill End Hospital, St AlbansPhotos1957 – 1961
22313/HEH/War/022Nurses’ voices – St Bartholomew’s HospitalRecollections
22413/HEH/War/023Photo Soldiers at H.E. Hospital with Bart’s Nurses (see reverse for signatures)PhotoNK
22513/HEH/War/024Photo of Soldiers with Bart’s nurses at Hill End HospitalPhoto 1939
22613/HEH/War/025Excerpt from “St Albans Own East End” book by Mike Neighbour NK
22713/HEH/War/026Photos of patients at Hill End Hospital, nursed by Bart’s staff 1957-61 NK
22813/HEH/War/027Information and photo of Angela Armstrong – former St Bart’s nurse and H. E. Hospitals NK
22913/HEH/War/028Extracts from St Bartholomew Journal – September 1961Article 1961
23013/HEH/War/029Extensive notes and newspaper cuttings and articles and photos about Siamese Twins (Jeremy & Timothy Thackeray) separated by Mr J E A O’Connell and nursed by St Bartholomew’s staff at H. E. HospitalInfo 1959 – 1961
23113/HEH/War/030Article “Life at Hill End 1940”Article NK
23213/HEH/War/031“The End of an Era”. Article about Bart’s Staff at H. E. HosptialArticle NK
23313/HEH/War/032Photos Barts Nurses at Hill EndPhotos NK
23413/HEH/War/033Newspaper cutting – First Casualties from Western front and photosNewspaper NK
23513/HEH/War/034Article “Nursing at Bart’s” – Section relating to Hill End HospitalArticle NK
23613/HEH/War/035Extract from Medvei and Thornton’s 1973 History of the hospital – References to Hill EndArticle NK
23713/HEH/War/036‘Relationship between St Bart’s Hospital and Hill End Hospital, August 1939 – April 1961InfoNK
23813/HEH/War/037Newspaper Obituary – Lucy MacDonald – references to Hill End Hospital – Evacuation of Bart’s to Hill End NK
23913/HEH/War/038Nurses -Evacuation to St Albans from LondonPhotoNK
24013/HEH/War/039Photos and articles about Sir James Paterson Ross – Surgeon at H.E. HospitalInfoNK
24113/HEH/War/040Articles about Hill End Hospital and Cell Barnes Hospital and St Bart’s in WW2InfoNK
24213/HEH/War/041Two letters between Geoffrey Keynes (Hill End Hospital) and Clerk to The GovernorsLetters1939
24313/HEH/War/042“Scissors, Nurse, Scissors” – Extracts from Greta Barrnes diaries – Student Nurse at St Bart’s 1959-1962Info1959 – 1962
24413/HEH/War/043Newspaper Obituary – Campbell Connolly – Consultant neuro-surgeon at St Bart’sNewspaperNK
24513/HEH/War/044Extract of WW2 Wounded transport to H.E. HospitalInfoNK
24613/HEH/War/045Photo of St Bart’s NursesPhotoNK
24713/HEH/War/046Copy of pamphlet ‘Beaumont School 1938-2008 70th Anniversary’ plus letter from H.E. Medical Director to Beaumont School 1942 re Reserve HospitalPamphlet NK
24813/HEH/War/047Story of Little Boy Nursed at Hill End Hospital 1944 – David Fillery Article NK
24913/HEH/War/048WW2 People’s War. St Barthomoew’s Hopsital during World War Two Article NK
25013/HEH/War/049The Life of Arthur Rainsford Mowlem Article NK
25113/HEH/War/050The Life of Archibald McIndoe Article NK
25213/HEH/War/051Brief notes about Joseph RotblatArticle NK
25313/HEH/War/052Separation of Siamese Twins press cuttingsNewspaper NK
25413/HEH/War/053 Photos, sketches and text on Hill End Hopsital Medical BreakthroughsInfo NK
25513/HEH/War/054Brief notes about Lawrence Paul GarrodArticleNK

Point 14 – The Village Green

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
1 14/HEH/VG/001 A4 photo of the lost painting of the hospital fete at Hill End in 1975Photo2014
2 14/HEH/VG/002An article about the finding of the long lost painting of the Hill End fete in 1975Newspaper2014
3 14/HEH/VG/003An article asking for the whereabouts of the lost Hill End fete painting.Newspaper2014
4 14/HEH/VG/004Photograph of Village Green painting taken while hanging in entrance to Hill End hopsital.PhotoNK
5 14/HEH/VG/005A transcript of an interview with Richard Bull Highfield Park Manager about how the lost painting was foundDocument2014
6 14/HEH/VG/006Information and photos – sources acknowledgedDocument2015
7 14/HEH/VG/007A photo of the village green with the concrete on the left being where the patients social club once stood.PhotoNK
8 14/HEH/VG/008A photo of the Hill End cricket team in 1937.Photo1937
9 14/HEH/VG/009An article about expenditure at Hill End including funds for the Cricket PavilionNewspaper1902
1014/HEH/MP/001A plan showing Hill End Spine Road alignmentM&P1993
1114/HEH/MP/002A plan showing the Cricket Field (now the Village Green) and Football Field with its surrounding buildings of Hill End.M&PNK
1214/HEH/MP/003A plan showing the Village Green and Football Field with its surrounding buildings of Hill EndM&PNK
1314/HEH/MP/004O.S. map showing the area of the Village Green (and Home Farm)M&P1963
14 14/HEH/VG/014A photo showing the Village Green featuring the “new” boiler house on the Doctor’s tennis court and the staff social club.Photo1990s
1514/HEH/Bld/001A photo showing the St Alban and Anson wards and overlooking the Village Green.Photo1990s
1614/HEH/Bld/002An aerial photo showing the area of Hill End and Cell Barnes during new housing constructionPhoto1990s
1714/HEH/Bld/003An aerial photo showing the area of Hill End and Cell Barnes during new housing construction.Photo1990s
1814/HEH/SL/001A lealflet for the official opening of the new patients’ social centre at Hill End carried out by Sir Ernest Pooley.Document1961
1914/HEH/Occ/001“Mercy Flight”. An article about a helicopter landing on the cricket field at Hill End with a patient from the Royal Naval Hospital.Newspaper1959
2014/HEH/VG/011Taken on Village Green, Social Clubs and Wards in backgroundPhoto1990s
2114/HEH/StF/001A photo infront of the St Alban and Anson wards with benchPhotoNK
2214/HEH/StF/001A photo of a bench in memory of Pupil Nurse Emma Bowring with reference to Mick JaggerPhotoNK
2314/HEH/SH/001A poster for the commemorative garden at Hill End including a brief history of the siteInfo1990s
24 14/HEH/VG/012Details prepared about Village Green and heating system for noticeboards.Info2015

Point 15 – Steam Pipes and Heating System

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
115/HEH/Hea/001Emails regarding the brief history of the hospital boilers and the heating system.Emails2014
215/HEH/Hea/002Article about closure of Hill End Hospital heating boilers.Article1974
315/HEH/StF/001An article about the inadequacy of heating of Hill End homes for staff and their family.ArticleNK
415/HEH/Hea/003A brief history of the steam pipes and heating system at Hill Endwith photos – sources acknowledgedDocument 2015
515/HEH/Hea/004An article about the shutting down of the Hill End hospital boilers.Article1974
615/HEH/Hea/005A photo showing the private coaling line led from the railway to the boiler house at Hill End hospital in 1920s..Photo1920s
715/HEH/Hea/006An article about Hill End Asylum including the heating system..Article1900
815/HEH/Hea/007A document for the history trail giving a brief history of the steam pipes and heating system from Cell Barnes to Hill End hospitals.Document
915/HEH/Hea/008A photo showing the “new” boilers at Hill End on Village Green.Photo
1015/HEH/Hea/009A document for the history trail giving a brief history of the steam pipes and heating system at Hill End.Document
1115/HEH/Hea/010A weigh- bill for a coal delivery to Hill End.Photocopy1940s
1215/HEH/Hea/011An extract from a newspaper about the Haunchwood Coal Mine who were the suppliers of coal for Hill End hospital.Document1999
1315/HEH/Hea/012A photo showing the football fields with the steam pipes visible in the backgroundPhoto1990s
1415/HEH/SH/001A document giving a brief history about the Hill End Hospital referring to utilities.Document

Point 16 – Monks Meadow

RefItem No.DetailsTypeDate
116/CBH/MP/001Site PlanM&P
216/CBH/MP/002A larger scale site plan for the Monks Meadow area.M&P
316/CBH/SH/001An aerial photo showing the area of Cell Barnes. ‘Monks Meadow’ house visible on right centre behind trees.Photo
416/CBH/SH/002An auction listing for No. 1 Highfield Lane, St Albans.Photo1971
516/CBH/MP/003Map showing Site of Monks Meadow field and Beastneys FarmM&PNK
616/CBH/MP/004Location of Monks Meadow houseM&P1993
716/CBH/MP/005Map locating site of Monks Meadow field and Beastneys Farm.M&PNK
816/CBH/MP/006Map locating Monks Meadow (Cell Barnes Hospital) in relation to St Albans.M&P1951
916/CBH/MP/007Site of Monks Meadow in relation to Hill End Lane and Highfield Lane, showing paths.M&PNK
1016/CBH/SH/003Monks Meadow House prepared for demolitionPhoto1995
1116/CBH/SH/004History Trail – Point 15 – information, plan and photos of Monks Meadow areaArticle2015
1216/CBH/SH/005Photos, maps, notes for NoticeboardArticle2015
1316/CBH/SH/006WM Beastney and Bisney RoadArticle2005
1416/CBH/MP/008Map showing location of Beastney’s Farm, Little Cellbarnes and Great CellbarnesM&P1897