About Us

Highfield Park Trust is a charity established in 1996, following the closure and redevelopment of Cell Barnes and Hill End Mental Health Hospitals. The hospitals had extensive grounds, part of which have now become Highfield Park. The Trust aim is to provide a diverse rural park for the benefit of the local community.

The Trust receives the majority of its income from a private investment which is a lump sum received from Department of Health when the hospitals closed. The remainder of the Trust income is from the rental of various properties within the Park, fundraising, grants and donations.

The Articles of Association allow for a maximum of 13 trustees who guide the management of the Trust and the Park, who meet formally six times a year. There are three subcommittees Park Management, Finance and General Purposes and Community, Events and Publicity. A number of working groups deal with specific issues as they arise. If there are any issues which you feel should be discussed at these meetings please contact the Trust.

Aims and Objectives


The aim of the Trust is to provide a diverse rural park for the benefit of the local community


1   Manage the Park to

  • Preserve, protect, develop and improve features of historic or public interest
  • Preserve, protect and enhance features which benefit the landscape, environment, flora and fauna and encourages wildlife
  • Provide and promote recreational and other leisure facilities in a safe and sustainable environment for the benefit of the local community

2   Use resources effectively to ensure financial viability, good governance, compliance with relevant legislation and good practice guidelines

The Annual General Meeting of the Trust is held in the autumn to which members of the public are most welcome to ask questions and learn more about the work of the Trust.

The Highfield Park Trust is an independent charity (No. 1059251) and Company Limited by Guarantee (No. 3193779).

Copies of the Trust’s Articles of Association and Statement of Financial Activities are available on request.  A charge of £10 is made to cover administration costs.