Hill End Cricket Team 1937 (Courtesy Museums of St Albans)

The Park has been created on the former grounds of two mental hospitals which were closed in the 1990s.

Hill End Hospital was located in the northern area of the Park and Cell Barnes Hospital was located in the southern area.

Creating Highfield Park

Following the Hospital closures, the planning authorities of St Albans City and District Council approved the redevelopment of the Hospital sites with nearly 700 new housing units on the condition that 60 acres be set aside as public open space. Instead of following the traditional way of developing a Park, St Albans City & District Council established the Highfield Park Trust as an Independent Charity and as part of the development process secured funding from the Secretary of State for Health. This provided the Trust with an endowment to enable it to develop and maintain the Park.The Trust has a lease of 150 years from St Albans City & District Council.