Flora and FaunaHighlight

Wildflowers Summer 2024

Cell Barnes Orchard is putting on a display of wonderful wild flowers, do stop to have a closer look.

The following is just some of the information on this wonderful display

Lesser stitchwort, the small white flower, is prolific in Cell Barnes orchards but you have to look closely. The flower in fact only has five petals but you might think it has ten as they are deeply notched.

The name “Stitchwort” comes from the plant’s traditional use as a remedy for stitch-like pains in the side, which were thought to be caused by the devil. According to legend, the devil would prick people with a needle, causing the stitch, and the Stitchwort was believed to be a powerful antidote to his mischief.

The Park is also awash with yellow at the moment with two types of buttercup: the meadow buttercup, tall and stately; and the creeping buttercup, much lower and denser. Both great for wildlife although harmful to humans and livestock if eaten

Did you know that if you place a buttercup under someone’s chin you can tell if they like butter or not? Perhaps more that the strong bright colour of the buttercup’s shiny petals is reflected on to the skin but it’s a nice game to play.

You may also not know that fairies make the roofs of their house from buttercups….