Blue Shieldbug

This Blue Shieldbug (Zicrona caerulea) was found close to the Village Green during our annual Mini-Beast Safari in May 2016. It is a member of the Pentatomidae family of insects.

Adults can reach a size of about 5–8mm, which makes it one of the smallest shieldbugs in the UK. It has a consistent blue coloration, which results from the reflection of light from its body. They are capable of flight, but rarely do so. Blue Shieldbugs are predators and eat the larvae of beetles and the caterpillars of moths, although they also feed on plants. They lay their eggs in the spring and the first larvae can usually be seen in late Spring, with new adults being found from July onwards. Immature adults have red abdomens with black markings. The Blue Shieldbug overwinters as an adult.