Year 6 History WW2 Topic

The Trust has been given a copy of a Year 6 History WW2 Topic by a student who lives locally.

When given this project rather than concentrate on the blitz or tanks, he decided to research on the work undertaken in Hill End when St Bartholomew’s hospital surgeons and staff were relocated from London.

He included in the project detailed information about Dunkirk and the arrival of wounded servicemen at Hill End, a very interesting piece about Nurses uniforms and how they changed due to the economy standards being introduced in the War and a list of cakes that were made in the War as a weekly treat for people at Hill End. His family have a chocolate recipe from the war that they still make!

A great deal of work was obviously undertaken by him and he received a high mark for the project. We are delighted to receive this in-depth research and It will make a brilliant addition to our archives

We shall certainly include some of the information in our History Talk Barts in Herts on Friday 15th November at the Visitor Centre (see our events calender to book) and perhaps even try baking one of the cakes for the event as well.

The featured picture showing Artist Dickie Orpen’s pastel of the operating theatre in the former Hill End Hospital 1943