Woundwort Shieldbug

The Woundwort Shieldbug (Eysarcoris fabricii) is a member of the Pentatomidae family of inspects. They are quite small, typically between 5-8mm in length but can somesimes be spotted glistening on nettles and woundwort plants on sunny days. This speciment was found on the Village Green in 2016. Their bodies are a greenish-grey in colour.  They have patches of metallic bronze on the head, the front of the pronotum, and on the front of the scutellum.

Although rare in the 19th centrury, they are now quite widespread in southern and central England and can be found as far north as Yorkshire.

There is one generation per year, adults mating and laying eggs in spring and early summer. The larvae feed on Hedge Woundwort and White Dead-nettle. New adults may be found from August onwards.