Planting Medlars

A very kind donation, from someone who walks through the Park regularly, was specifically given to replace one of the ailing medlars we had in the Park.

On Wednesday three new Medlars were added near the arcure in the Cell Barnes orchard

Something a bit different the medlar is a small brown fruit that is picked in October or even November and then left to blet (decay) for several weeks until the flesh turns brown and soft with a flavour similar to cinnamon seasoned apple sauce. This type of medlar is known to have interesting gnarled bark, large green leaves that show good autumn colour and pretty white/blush flowers in May-June.

Nottingham Medlar trees tend to be flat topped with a spreading, almost weeping habit. It will grow well in any well drained, moist soil in a sunny position. A great choice for those who like to try something a bit different in the kitchen, ideal for preserves.

Here are James and Paul planting one of the medlars.

Many thanks for the donation.