Reporting Anti Social behaviour in the Park.

After another report of motorbikes in the park reported in April 2020, a Trustee used the freedom of information act to find out how many reports had been made over the past year.

The request was made as follows:

I would like to know the monthly breakdown of the number of reports that have been made of anti social behaviour in Highfield Park, St Albans.

In summary for the past year to date how many 101 incidents per month in Highfield Park for Anti social behaviours specifically illegal quad bikes and motorbikes in the park.

The map of the Park is attached so I would like to know all the incidents that have been recorded in this area so Highfield Park would include postcodes such as

Winchfield Wood – AL4 0RQ

Allotments AL4 0TT

Allotment pond AL4 0EZ

Earthworks surroundings AL4 0TZ

All the green space to the YMCA gym which is AL4 0DB

Highfield Park general is AL4 0DY

Green space around Tillage close AL4 0RE

Petanque area AL4 0RE

Visitor centre 0LA

Cell Barnes orchard and pond AL4 0AT

There are 82 acres of Highfield Park so I am looking for the number of incidents within that 82 acres .

The report below would suggest that Vehicle Nuisance Incidents* (* relating to anti-social use of Motorbikes/Quadbikes etc. notification from members of the public via telephone / web chat.) are not significant. Of course, we do not know if some of the reports involving vehicle nuisance were incorrectly categorised. The other reason could be that whilst people report the issues on social media they do not report to the police through the correct channels.

We would encourage all Park users to report anti social behaviour they see in the Park to help our local police deal with the situation. Guidance from the website on how to do so is listed below.

Advice from the police on reporting a crime online

Is it an emergency?  Remember, if someone is in danger and you need immediate support please call 999 now. If no service is requested but anything suspicious is heard throughout the process, BT operators will connect you to a police call handler.

If you’re in an emergency situation, need police help and are calling from your mobile phone, but can’t speak, Make Yourself Heard and let the 999 operator know your call is genuine. Call 999 and, if you cannot speak, press 55 on your mobile phone and you will be transferred through to the police.


Call  101 for non-emergency enquiries. Using this number, you can report an incident or get help.

If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, use our textphone service on  18001 101 or chat to us live through our webchat service.

Link to reporting anti social behaviour: