Progress on the allotment pond

You will have seen a big change in our allotment pond area, we are not quite finished yet but thought we would give you a progress report

The problem with the previous pond was that the perimeter was consistantly vandalised by a small minority of dog owners letting their dogs in and that caused damage to the liner and disturbed the water birds that we did have on the pond. You can see we are now offering a sacrifical pond and by increasing the quality of the fencing and mesh around the current pond we hope to minimise that behaviour.

A scarifical pond is also reccommended so that foxes, deer and other larger wildlife creatures can take a drink.

The larger pond now has a new liner, undermesh and secure fencing around the site.

Our next steps are to seed the area with wildflower seeds and look at planting options in the pond.

Below is our sacrificial pond

Another view of the main pond