Pond and Rotary Centennial Wildlife area

You may have seen some extensive clearing and digging at the allotment pond.

This is the start of major project to revamp the areas with the help of a generous donation by a member of the local community.

Our long term strategy is for Cell Barnes pond to become a pond dipping area that can be used for our fun and educational activities and the allotment pond will be dedicated to wildlife and increase the different habitats in order to help them survive and flourish.

There are two main issues with the existing wildlife pond, water retention and to stop dogs getting in to disturb the wildlife.

The perimeter at the current pond is consistantly vandalised by a small minority of dog owners to let their dogs in and that has caused damage to the liner and disturbed the water birds that we did have on the pond. By offering a sacrifical pond and by increasing the quality of the fencing and mesh around the current pond we hope to minimise that behaviour.

A sacrificial pond is also recommended so that foxes, deer and other larger wildlife creatures can take a drink.

In terms of retaining water we will be hiring a digger to deepen the main pond to a depth of 1 metre .

The larger pond will have a new underlay, liner, fencing and mesh, the profile will be altered so that there are shelves and slops for wildlife to get in and out of the water.

So far the site has been cleared and we hired a small digger for the day to dig out what we call the sacrifical pond.

We will be organising a volunteer day when the liner arrives on site. We would then be looking for around five fit volunteers to help us with this work , need to have some agility and ability to do some lifting.

If you would like to help us and volunteer then please email us admin@highfieldparktrust.co.uk

Progress so far: