Natural Play Area

What a week it has been for the Trust and how great to round it off with the installation of our new play area.

To thank again those who donated to make it happen giving us£1100 through our Facebook post

£1300 through workplace donations where people use their company scheme to make a donation to a charity or where people made a private donation direct to the Trust.

Which gave us £2400 for our Natural Play Area.

Thanks to the Money raised from the St Albans Cathedral Firework Display, of which Highfield Park Trust was one of the beneficiaries, we were able to round this number up to £11,500 which was the final cost.

To give you full transparency of how that money was spent.

A survey of the site £750 A wobbly bridge, humpback steps , balance beams and stepping stones taking us to a value of £3900, we then cover the costs of installation £4200, £450 for carriage costs and £400 on a post implementation check of the site and threw in some VAT.

Hopefully many more years of fun from our 25th Anniversary Fundraiser.