Messing about on the water

Earlier this week we invited Miles Water Engineering, specialists in design, construction and renovation of water related projects, to carry out a survey on Cell Barnes Pond.

We would love to be able to restore Cell Barnes pond to its former pomp! It was built as a Victorian Bathing Pond but is now a shadow of its former self and unfortunately the water is devoid of aquatic life.

We would need to get a large grant before any work could be carried out but we took the first small steps this week of getting the survey carried out so we can find out what the scope of the project would entail.

One thought on “Messing about on the water

  • 28th May 2021 at 3:48 pm

    I couldn’t think where this was initially.

    We often walk around the edges of the pond and think how lucky we are have this hidden away oasis.

    Yet another project designed to keep our local environment up to the high standards expected of the Trust. Well done and fingers crossed.

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