Highfield Park Trust welcomes new Trustee

We are really pleased that Joe Gray has agreed to join the Board of Trustees at Highfield Park. Joe has lived in St Albans for over a decade and he has been a regular visitor to Highfield Park for a number of years. You may remember Joe from running our first Mini Beast Safari back in 2016. He is right in the middle of the crowd in the picture that day!

In the park, he enjoys taking quiet walks and looking for insects and other smaller life-forms, as well as participating in the odd game of petanque. He has postgraduate degrees in zoology and forestry and is deeply interested in nature and conservation. This is a passion that he enjoys sharing with others, and he regularly leads wildlife walks around Herts and also helps run biodiversity-recording activities across the county. Finally, Joe is a Fellow of the British Naturalists’ Association and the Royal Entomological Society and is also part of a United Nations group focused on promoting the importance of wildlife and nature in their own right (i.e. beyond the many wonderful benefits that they offer humans).

One of the Park’s main objectives is to “Preserve, protect and enhance features which benefit the landscape, environment, flora and fauna and encourages wildlife” and we are delighted that Joe has agreed to join us.

Joe Gray – Highfield Park Trustee