Grant Application for Paths

You may recall from our Spring Newsletter that the Trust has been focusing its energies on completing a significant new grant application to repair the paths on the Hill End side of the Park.

Our first application to Tarmac was rejected just over two years ago and in the meantime we have worked with a specialist from HCC in the development of this second proposal . We had surveyed the path network, reviewed our specifications and run a tendering process with a list of recommended contractors.

So, it is incredibly disappointing that we have to report that we have been unsuccessful again and that our application has been turned down

We would like to Anne Main and her team, the then Leader of SADC, Alec Campbell, County Councillor Dreda Gordon and District Councillor Jamie Day who supported us in this process.

But, thanks should also go to CHPC, SADC and HCC, who have been very supportive and helped us to secure additional S106 funding to which we’ve committed some of our own resources. This will enable us to resurface the paths immediately around the Village Green, which are in the worst condition. It’s a welcome start, but not where we were hoping to be.

We will keep you informed of progress.