Fleetville Diaries

At a Special General Meeting held at Fleetville Community Centre on 6th November 2021, the sad decision was made to close down the Fleetville Diaries local history group after 10 years of gathering evidence about the area’s past. Recipients of the £1,100 assets are Fleetville Infant School, Fleetville Junior School, Highfield Park Trust, Smallford Station and Alban Way Heritage Society, and The St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society (SAHAAS). The latter will be receiving the bulk of assets as most of FD’s digital archive will be transferred to them in due course.

We would like to thank Fleetville Diaries for all the knowledge and expertise that they have shared with us over the years to helo and guide us in our own history research.

Terry Swain, Anne-Marie Kelly and Romayne Hutchison came to the Visitor Centre to hand over a cheque for £200 which we will use for a new History Board in the Park next year.