Field Maple

There are many examples throughout the park this one is in Hither Wood (6 years old).

Latin/Botanical Name: Acer campestre

Range: Widespread across the UK and Europe.

Height: up to 25m

Uses: Often planted as an ornamental tree and in hedgerows. It produces hard, high density timber and has a warm creamy-brown colour with a silky shine, often used as a veneer. It is also used in wood-turning, carving and making musical instruments, particularly harps.

Description: A small deciduous tree, trunk is sinuous, bark pale greyish-brown and fissured. Leaves are palmate with 3-5 symmetrical lobes, pink when they emerge and dark green when mature. It flowers in May, producing small erect yellow-green spikes, male and female flowers together. The fruit has horizontal spreading wings.

Interesting Fact: As with all maple trees, the sap can be used to make maple syrup.