European or Common Ash

There are many examples thought the park this one is on the Cell Barnes side of the park.

Latin/Botanical Name: Fraxinus excelsor

Range: Native throughout the UK and Europe.

Height: up to 40m

Uses: Timber; it is one of the toughest hardwoods and absorbs shocks without splintering. It is used for making tools and sport handles, including hammers, axes, spades, hockey sticks and oars but it is also used for furniture, firewood and charcoal.

Description: A familiar and well loved tree, the bark is pale grey, smooth when young and deeply fissured on older trees. Twigs are flattened at the node, buds are conical, leaves pinnate with 3-6 opposite pairs and one terminal leaflet; they are ovate lanceolate, toothed and pointed. Ash is generally dioecious and flowers appear March-May.

Interesting Fact: Although general dioecious, some trees may have all male flowers, some all female, some have separate sexes on different branches or are completely mixed and some may even change annually. It is currently under threat from Ash dieback disesase.