Common Lilac

There are many examples throughout the park, this one is near the Cell Barnes orchard.

Latin/Botanical Name: Syringa vulgaris

Range: Native to south-east Europe but widely planted in temperate regions.

Height: up to 7m but usually less.

Uses: The lilac is a very popular ornamental plant in gardens and parks, because of its early summer, attractive and sweet-smelling flowers.

Description: A deciduous multi-stemmed tree or large shrub, often with suckers. Bark brownish-grey, leaves opposite undivided heart shaped, un-toothed. Flowers in dense inflorescences usually in pairs up to 20cm long, flowers are pink or white. Fruit is a narrow pointed capsule.

Interesting Facts: The lilac is a member of the olive family, closely related to privet. Lilacs are often considered to symbolize love and is strongly associated with Easter time. The wood is very dense and in the past has been used for engraving and musical instruments.