Wassailing 2020 @ Highfield Park Visitor Centre
Jan 4 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Wassailing 2020 @ Highfield Park Visitor Centre

A wassail is an old English custom dating back from pre-Norman time. The Wassail gives fruit growers the opportunity to drink to the good health of their fruit trees and scare away any evil spirits.

All Highfield residents are invited, young, old and in between!

Come join us, and if you fancy, decorate yourself with some ivy, leaves and feathers and bring along something to make a noise like a musical instrument or a pot and spoon to scare away the bad spirits and awaken the trees from their slumber

Easter Bunny Hunt 2020 @ Highfield Park Visitor Centre
Apr 8 @ 10:30 am – 2:00 pm
Easter Bunny Hunt 2020 @ Highfield Park Visitor Centre

The Easter Bunny Hunt takes place during the Easter school holidays and is run from the Visitor Centre. It is a fun event and requires no pre-registration. We only ask for a small donation of £3 per child, which is payable on the day.

Children are asked to follow a trail around a small area of the park in order to find a number of wonderfully painted animals, which inturn leads them to the location of the mysterious blue Easter Bunny. They will also be provided with a questionaire, which each question relating to the hidden animals in the hunt. Each question relates to the specific animal on the trail and should be completed whilst at the location. It’s a great way to encourage young children to explore their local park and the great outdoors, although everybody attending this event seems to enjoy it!