Bat Nights

Highfield Park Bat Nights are an educational event and will be ticketed in order that numbers can be restricted.  They are run from the Visitor Centre and have proved to be popular events, so please book early to avoid disappointment!! The timing of an event is linked to the sunset time on the day and this year’s dates can be found on the calendar.

The event includes a bat talk followed by a walk with a bat detector shared between each family.

It is suitable for young and old alike, but please wear suitable clothing and sturdy footwear.

We are more likely to see bats around sunset or sunrise in warm, dry weather, so please keep your fingers crossed for nice weather on the day.  Past events have occurred during wet weather, which has limited, but not stopped sightings.

The evening starts with an informative talk from one of our Trustees. This will last for approximately twenty minutes and will cover bat history, folklore, types of bat to be found in the UK and further afield and how they live their lives.  We know from past events that we have found both Pipistrelle Bats (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) and Noctule Bats (Nyctalus noctula) in the park.

Pipistrelles are the commonest British bats, weighing around 5 grams (same as a 20p piece).  A single pipistrelle can eat 3,000 tiny insects in just one night!

The Noctule bat has long narrow wings and flies in a straight line, very high and fast. It’s our biggest bat, but it’s still smaller than the palm of your hand!

You will also learn how to use your bat detector in order to identify the bats we find during the walk.  Some bats fly high in the sky while others fly low over water, some prefer grassland while others stick close to hedges and trees.