Archery returns to Highfield Park

Elswood Bowmen have been through the ArcheryGB and Govt approved regulations and have a plan to allow very limited numbers of people to shoot starting Sat 30th May.

Their rules include full social distancing and sterilising the equipment.

Everyone will be wearing gloves and masks during setup and takedown and to handle the gates.

They will be using specific field markings we need to use and everyone has clear jobs to make sure they don’t clash or touch the same equippment.

There will be signs around the field and on the gate posts entering field to advise all park users that they are doing approved shooting.

Tthe local police have been informed, so that they know Elswood are shooting, in case any of the public are concerned and call them.

They can only allow 6 people/households to shoot each day, so may add friday evening to their schedule for this season.

Elswood Bowman have around 90 members shooting Recurve, Compound, Barebow and Longbow. Guest ArcheryGB. They regularly run beginners’ courses. Over four sessions teaching about Safety, Equipment, How to shoot and get you ready to Join Elswood Bowmen or another ArcheryGB Club. They can be contacted on :

One thought on “Archery returns to Highfield Park

  • 27th May 2020 at 11:27 am

    Please, please do reconsider allowing any extension of shooting times during lockdown.

    The area of the park where the shooting takes place has never been busier as a result of lockdown, with hundreds of families, children and friends visiting it everyday as respite from being cooped up inside at home.

    I know I’m not alone in being really frustrated that this is being allowed to take place during an unprecedented period of crisis for the benefit of a tiny number of people (six people / households, compared to the huge number of people who have been using this space!)

    The maximum amount of park space should be made available for all residents to enjoy during this time, not a privileged few. The restrictions that need to be in place due to the dangers of shooting mean you are acting in a way that’s contrary to this.

    Ideally all shooting should be stopped until lockdown restrictions are lifted – just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean that it is the right decision for the residents of Highfield Park.

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