Tree of the Month

The Tree of the Month focuses on one of the trees in the park

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Mediterranean Cypress       Wild Service Tree        Maidenhair Tree       Norway Maple     Snowy Mespilus     Blue Atlas Cedar     Common Oak   Beech  Horse Chestnut     Common Holly    Norway Spruce


Holm Oak      Wellingtonia     Silver Birch      Magnolia      Common Lime      Deodar Cedar        Copper Beech        Rowan         Common Mulberry       London Plane         Dawn Redwood      Common Larch


Indian Bean Tree      Turkey Oak      Swamp Cypress      Handkerchief Tree      Tulip Tree     False Acacia      Sugar Maple        Pride of India         Sweet Gum                        Red Horse Chestnut          Sweet Chestnut      Common Walnut

To join our Tree Sponsorship scheme and sponsor one of our trees on the Tree Trail, please contact us via email: