HPT Tree of the Month June 2017


June 2017

False Acacia or Locust Tree

Highfield Park Tree Trail: Number 12

Latin/Botanical Name: Robinia pseudoacacia

Range: Native to northern America but widely planted in warmer parts of Europe

Height: to 25m

Uses: The wood is extremely hard, resistant to rot and very durable. It is used for furniture, flooring, panelling, fence posts and small boats.

Description: Deciduous, bark is dark grey-brown, deeply furrowed which often cross and form diamond shapes. Branches are typically zig-zagy, often covered with short spines. Leaves are pinnate with 5-10 pairs of leaflets. Flowers are pea like, white and sweet-scented and are borne on dense racemes 10-20cm long. The pods which develop are hairless.

Interesting facts: As a member of Fabaceae (pea family) it has an association with nitrogen fixing bacteria within its root nodules. It is an important source of nectar.

Tree of the Month June 2017

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