The Mediterranean Garden

The Garden was created in 2000 following a design competition with Oaklands College. It is designed to be low maintenance, drought resistant and to adapt to climate change.

 The Hill End Hospital Community Garden

The Garden was created in 1999, based upon the theme of being a sensory garden. With plants to excite your sense of smell, touch, sight and sound.

Woodland Garden

This area is tucked away off the main path amongst the trees, is this peaceful garden which has a more natural feel, reflecting the wildlife found in a woodland area. The Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust helped to originally establish the garden.

Hill End Garden of Rest

This area of the Park was used a cemetery for patients and staff of Hill End Hospital and later Cell Barnes Hospital. Investigations into the cemetery site uncovered some of the several hundred numbered grave markers, which have become overgrown or buried over the years .

Records held at the County Archives show that each grave was used for a number of burials. It is known that over 1,000 people were buried in the cemetery between 1898 and the 1960s, although the records held are not complete.

Cell Barnes Hospital Memorial Garden

Opposite West Lodge is a small circular Rose Garden commemorating Cell Barnes Hospital. Created in 1999 using some of the roses rescued from the Gardens of Cell Barnes Hospital before it was demolished. This garden is an great place to sit and relax. A new bench was installed in September 2008 in honour of John Ely, our first Park Director, who established the Park as the hospitals were being demolished and retired in September 2008.